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Please do not take me or my attempt to make my body more kick-ass by emulating fictional characters seriously. :-)

Monday, February 6, 2012

ELATPBS - still going strong! (mostly...)

I found this video on YouTube during one of my study breaks...  ;-)  Thought I'd share it on here, because it is very "I *heart* Buffy" which is one of the main themes of my little blog.

Also, I feel like I owe you guys, in case there is actually anyone who is out there reading my blog.  It's been over a month since my last entry!

Lots has been happening in my life, and I've been very busy with school.  I have been loving my classes this semester, and have also been loving my workouts.

For anyone new to the blog, ELATPBS stands for Eat Like A Thin Person Buffy Style, which is how I'm trying to eat to lose some of the fat that has me in size 14 jeans.  It's basically just intuitive eating, which means eating only for hunger, and trying to make mostly healthy choices, but really just listening to my cravings... so if I want Redvines and pretzels, I will eat Redvines and pretzels instead of first worrying about how "fat" I am for wanting such a crazy snack. 

It all actually evens out usually.  I am not tracking my food every day, but when I do track it (on My Fitness Pal) my calories are anywhere from 1200 to 2000, usually somewhere in the middle.

Eating healthy?  Hasn't always been happening.  Eating like a thin person?  Usually, I'm doing okay with it.  I've been working pretty hard on listening to my hunger signals, and I'm getting pretty good at it.  I have been trying to focus on eating mostly healthy options (whole grains, beans, veggies, fruits, healthy fats, etc.) with a bit of "fun" foods here and there, all the while listening to my hunger signals and only eating when I'm truly hungry.

There are some days of the month when that just doesn't seem possible (PMS is a bitch) but I'm usually doing pretty well with it.

I have not been weighing myself, so I have no clue what I weigh.  It's very liberating, actually.

I did try on a pair of really tight jeans (muffin top, definately not appropriate for wearing in public yet) around January 13th and will be trying on the same pair of jeans on February 13th, and hopefully they will fit better. 

My exercise routine has been pretty great.  I've yet to begin kickboxing, but that is mostly because I have no extra money right now!  I have started to take spin classes at the University, where students get to take classes for free, and I try to go at least twice a week.  The other days I stick with my stationary bike and aerobics DVDs at home. 

So...  that's about it.  That's where I'm at!  I hope that you all are doing well. 

What have you done today that is just for you?

"Let me answer that question with a head-butt." ~Buffy, season 4