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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Welcome to the Hellmouth!!!

Time now for my very first episode recap!  I will probably work more on the format of these, but I thought that I would blog about my favorite lines, what I love about the episode, what annoys me about the episode, and of course, any and all of Buffy's Bites.

My favorite lines: 

"Maybe it's something." "Maybe it's some THING." When we still think that Darla is the innocent little girly victim!  What a great character she turns out to be.

"Can I have you?" *blank stare* "Can I HELP you?" Xander is so cute.  Except for his hair, OMG grease bomb!  That is very 90's.

"I kinda had a problem with the math."
"Which part?"
"The math." Xander and Willow cuteness.

"All the kids here feel free to call me Bob."
"But they don't."

"The new kid, seems kind of weird to me.  I mean, what kind of name is Buffy?"
"Hey, Aphrodisiac!" LMAO every time.

"We both go to school... Very suave... Very not pathetic.  Oh HEY, you forgot your... stake."

Xander's big "What?" after overhearing about Buffy being a slayer!

"Gee, can you vague that up for me?"

"I don't mean to interupt your downward mobility..." and pretty much every other line that Cordelia has in this episode.  Seriously, they are all golden.

"First of all, I'm a vampire slayer.  Second of all, I'm retired."  Yeah, right, Buffy!  You can't retire from your destiny!!!

"Will there be boys there?"
"No Mom, it's a nun club."

"Truth is, I thought you'd be taller.  Or bigger muscles and all that." Ooooh, we don't know yet that he's a vampire!!!  How exciting.

"Seize the moment, cuz tomorrow you might be dead."

"Wanna dance?"
"With you?"
"Well, uh... yeah."
"Well, uh... no."

"Excuse me, I have to call everyone I have ever met... right now."

What I love about this episode:

  • The very first scene, when we find out that the bad guy is the GIRL... what?  Bad guys can't be girls.
  • Principle Flutie.  Yes, I end up loving Snyder, but Flutie is just kind of a hoot and reminds me of some real life principals that I had.
  • Vamp nail polish, James Spader, Frappuccino
  • Pretty much everything that Cordelia says is genius, hilarious, or both.
  • OMG Willow in this nerdy look is great.  We never see her like that again, she becomes more trendy right after this episode.
  • The library is such a cool set.
  • That gigantic "VAMPYR" book that is never seen again.
  • how important Jesse seems to Xander and Willow, like they've been a trio of besties for years
  • that creepy moment when the hot blonde that Jesse is talking up turns around and OMG it's DARLA!

What annoys me about this episode:

  • How little Giles knows about vampires.  Really?  Buffy has to tell him if the kid will rise?  She knows more than the watcher?  Not buying it.
  • I will never say this again, because it never happens again, but SMG has a couple of bad acting moments in this episode.  "Why am I still talking to you?" with Giles seems badly delivered to me.  So does "Something about the mouth of hell... I really didn't like him."
  • I hate that Harmony isn't one of Cordelia's minions yet.
  • Stuff that never gets mentioned again, or concepts that they stopped after the first couple of episodes: Xander skating, Willow's nerdy jumper style, vampires wearing clothing from the year they died, JESSE, etc. 
  • I don't really like the vampire Luke.  No real reason.  
  • It annoys me that the minion vampires are never seen in their "human" faces.  I understand it's a cost thing, but it kind of conflicts, because supposedly the vampires have to be angry to get vamp faced, so are the minions always angry?
  • Giles gets into Buffy's personal space in public a couple of times, which seems creepy to me, seeing as he's the school librarian and she's 16 (or 15?  Is she supposed to be 15 or 16 now?  Hmmm.)

Giles in Buffy's personal bubble

Buffy's Bites:

  • Buffy eats yogurt with Jesse, Xander, and Willow outside the school
  • Buffy drinks a cola at The Bronze and eats some cherries that were in it!  So it's probably Cherry Coke.  

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